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Wednesdays at 10am Meeting ID: 496 004 640 Passcode: 835933. Wed Zoom

Sundays at 4pm Meeting ID: 729 3119 4941 Passcode: 9QyqGt. Sunday Zoom

It has been a strange time, sorry if at any time my communication has slipped beyond what you would expect – the guidance from the church has kept changing, so I’ve held off sending a big letter until it was clear, but I’m sincerely sorry if you feel like I’ve been slow to communicate with you.

With every blessing to you & your family,
Revd Emily Reynolds
Vicar of St John's the Evangelist Church, Pleck and Bescot.

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Church2-icon Thank you Mike

Thank you Mike
Church2-icon A BIG THANK YOU! To Mike who has designed our fantastic website for free. Although we will be seing a bit less of Mike, he is happy to keep updating the website, so do keep sending him photos.